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Introducing the KANAO Pro Vaporizer - NOW WITH USB-C!!!

KANAO proudly presents the second generation of its vaporizer lineup - the KANAO Pro, featuring patented ECA technology. Setting the standard for vaporizer technology, the KANAO Pro's advanced ECA convection technology is both innovative and exceptional. Vaporizing your herbs efficiently has never been easier. The KANAO Pro is a revolution, seamlessly combining innovation, design, portability, and user-friendliness.


Innovation: Patented ECA Technology

ECA, short for "Easy Care Airpath," introduces a unique and groundbreaking innovation. Unlike concealed air and heating channels, the KANAO Pro's air and heating duct is fully visible. Simply remove the mouthpiece unit and press the strainer using the magenta chamber rod, exposing the complete heating and air duct.

ECA technology makes cleaning a breeze since the air duct is fully accessible. No longer will small herb remnants get trapped inside the device. With the KANAO Pro, cleaning the air duct is as effortless as ever.


Large and Crystal Clear OLED Display with Adjustable Temperature, Timer, and Battery Level

The KANAO Pro features a generous 0.96-inch double display that shows both the set and actual temperature simultaneously. But that's not all - the display is divided into two sections, indicating not only the temperatures but also the timed and actual time, as well as the battery levels. The upper section displays the temperatures, while the lower section shows the timer and battery information.

The adjustable timer on the OLED dual display allows you to freely select the evaporation time, ranging from 3 to 6 minutes, before the KANAO Pro automatically shuts off. You can easily monitor the countdown on the display and adjust the time as desired.

The vibration function provides haptic feedback, signaling temperature achievement, power on/off, and more.


Rapid Heating in Less Than 30 Seconds with Precise Temperature Control

The KANAO Pro's degree-precise temperature control, ranging from 160°C to 221°C, offers full control for various herbs. With advanced convection technology that rivals the best in the industry, the manufacturer has developed cutting-edge heating capabilities.

Kanao Pro Flower Vaporiser

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