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The Mighty Medic is Australia’s first portable medical vaporiser included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 319028) and together with the Mighty + Medic they are the only portable devices currently included. It is intended for the vaporisation and then inhalation of medical cannabinoids (active compounds) from ground cannabis flowers only.

Administering medical cannabinoids via a medical vaporiser allows for a faster onset of effect compared to oral ingestion. 


This rechargeable battery-operated device is portable, allowing dose administration on the go.

Medicinal cannabis flower products suitable for use with the Mighty Medic are only available on prescription via special access pathways. Please talk to your healthcare professional if you would like more information.


This device is intended only for vaporisation of medicinal cannabis flowers, as prescribed by your doctor, for your medical condition.  Medicinal cannabis is a prescription medicine, dispensed from your pharmacy. 

MIGHTY MEDIC is not appropriate for patients with known respiratory tract or lung conditions. Depending on the density, the vapour could irritate respiratory tract or lungs, which can lead to coughing. Although the inhalation of vaporised cannabis causes much less irritation than smoking, first-time users need to allow themselves an initial  period of time to find the optimum temperature for the administration. The inhalation should be done in a conscious, focused manner. Laughter, yawning, and speaking during the administration should be avoided because this can lead to coughing.


Mighty Medic Vaporizer (Storz & Bickel)

GST Included
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