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Never have residue on your vapouriser or other inhaling devices with satinca's Vape Snap Cap Cleaners 24 Pack. The satinca Vape Snap Cap Cleaners 24 Pack can be used on glass, ceramic, metal, quartz, or silicone. The satinca swabs have a special, dual cleaning solution which consists of 75% Alcohol and 25% Water, perfect for deep cleaning and sanitizing. Resin left on your devices is no match with satinca's specialized Snap Cap Cleaners.


Key Features

Tough on Grime
Our Cleanie 4 Greenie's advanced formula penetrates deep to tackle even the toughest residue, providing a thorough clean

Preserves Flavour and Potency
Regular cleaning ensures that lingering residue and buildup don't compromise the flavour and potency of your dry herb.

Compatible with all types of dry herb vapes/devices, satinca Cleanie 4 Greenie is the go-to solution for maintaining the cleanliness and performance of your device.



Satinca Vape Snap Cap Cleaners (24 pack)

GST Included
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